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Productivity Group Writing Project

Posted by A Balanced Alternative on May 20, 2007

The ultimate guide to producitivity meme was started by Ben Yoskovitz. I have now been tagged by Joy Slaughter, my good friend from the VACOC. Be sure to check out her blog here.The question is:

So what’s your secret to being productive?

I believe for me, what helps the most is that I put everything on my calendar, from personal to business.

I schedule my exercise, my blogging, my client work, my breaks, my time to work ON my business, my networking, my personal appointments and my teleseminars. Everything goes on my calendar.

I use a wonderful program called AirSet. It allows me to create as many calendars as I want, then it has different ways to view them, separately or all in one calendar. You can see at a glance everything that’s going on that day or week or month, from my son’s graduation to my client weekly check-in call.

I used to think it was crazy to schedule breaks and exercise and blogging, but I realized that if it’s not on my calendar, it’s either not going to get done or it’s going to be pushed back and pushed back, until I’m not doing it at all.

Joy’s tip was to always have a pad of paper and pencil nearby. Then, anytime she’s struck with ideas when she’s involved in relaxing activities, she doesn’t have to try and remember it until she gets back to her office. That’s a great tip. I find myself doing that – thinking of something I need to do as I’m riding in a car, or working outside. I’ll have to find a place to put some supplies. Thanks, Joy, for that great tip!

OK – I think I’m going to tag Karen Del’Marmol and Suzanne Evans. You’re up, girls!

Well, here are the “rules” of this project from Ben’s Instigator Blog:

  1. Write a post on your best productivity tips. Challenge yourself by picking your single best productivity tip (although this isn’t a requirement; you can give us more if you want!)
  2. Include links to other people that have written posts, or include their tips in your post with proper attribution.

    Note: I’m not asking that you link to everyone in the group writing project meme; pick the ones you want to connect with. You certainly can link to everyone, but it’s not a requirement. I like leaving more decision making power in your hands so this isn’t just a link grab, but you’re thinking about what your audience & community wants to read about.

    A link back to this post is appreciated though, to help spread the word!

  3. If you use Technorati Tags then tag your post “ultimate guide to productivity”.
  4. Tag others in your post to spread the meme. Tag as many people as you like!
  5. If you link back to Instigator Blog and email me at byosko@gmail.com, I’ll make sure to include at least 2 links back to you. But this isn’t a requirement, it just helps me keep track of what’s going on.

4 Responses to “Productivity Group Writing Project”

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  2. […] Productivity Group Writing Project by Vickie Turley […]

  3. […] Productivity Group Writing Project by Vickie Turley […]

  4. […] Productivity Group Writing Project by Vickie Turley […]

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